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Jilbab Wear Beautiful Tips

Jilbab Wear Beautiful Tips:
I have always believed, that women who wear the hijab is an intelligent woman, understood, and dared to face the challenges. Since wearing the hijab is in fact a challenge to kepahaman why must wear the hijab, and an ability for a command that does not indiscriminately, for the compulsory wearing a headscarf.

Because indeed, wearing the hijab is an integrity and identity. How not our integrity as a Muslim woman will be shown with our hijab and jilbab became identity directly without having to show their ID cards, that I am a Muslim woman. Regarding the veil, my mind would fly a lot, because it ... wear the hijab is no longer something that can dideny. Memkai hijab is no longer a liability, until today ... I wear the hijab is a requirement. Not because I've experienced habitualisasi hijab, but because I understand ... the background until the foundation of theory, as well as the implications of why a woman must wear veil. Beautiful!

Well, supporting it all, I've got tips nih jilbabya'll get prettier wear. The tips can be in the coffee-puaste or directly dipraktekin yaw. Ok, ready to read the tips beauty wearing a headscarf. Go ...!

1. Kalu want nyari headscarf, looking for material that you like, a light, tasty, and easy using that. Avoid parachute material, even if the parachute intention waterproof material, and while it rains, parachute material can be very useful Aer ujan restrain. Ga Tapikan good sistah. AGA is also strange. Do not yaw (please, do not also insist that the material make the same scarf nyari poncho like jacket ujan ato ga ... good, original!).

2. I occasionally understand, people wear the hijab, kalu Pingin also beautiful with shining white kinclong. So I hope there deh ... ga veiled women are forced install a light scarf around chili kliatan let skin shine kinclong. In addition to shock hazards, it is also saving electricity, and ga ribet efficient. Do not force it. kalu emang mao have clean skin shine kinclong kayak (not me of course) like artis2 ... banyak2lah drinking fruit juice (like me) ... ama ablution, meaning siy ... nyoook, qt diligent prayer, hehehehehe.

3. Veiled girls are prohibited from empty brain. I recommend, make that wearing the hijab ... membacalah many helpful books. Extensive insight is needed!

4. Reproduction is also wearing a black skirt, black jacket and black scarf, black sandals black feet dengna kos, continue naek black Honda motorcycle, at the Jogja disconnection of electricity, and lights on your bike as well be dead. Itukan bisa2 danger ... you hit, do not yah.

5. "O Prophet, say to istri2mu, anak2 girl, and Oran istri2 believers, let them out of their garments throughout tubah. Which dmeikian it so they are more easily dikelan, so they are not disturbed. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.: (QS Al Ahzab: 59).

Well, obviously tuh orders. Turunin scarf around your body and chest (in An-Nisa:), not just in the neck. Kan orders are not revealed until the neck scarf. So it'll fit ... ama ordered, panjangin nyoook little scarf. Let tuambah cuantik and tuambah syar'i guitooo.

Well, according to many veiled women who cuantik2, my criteria for Hijab According to Quran and As Sunnah AL niy ... Monggo dibuaca yaw.
  • Covering the entire body other than those excluded (hands and face God willing)
  • It is not functioning as jewelry (-it's not blink blink)
  • The fabric should be thick, not thin (forbidden gazing tuh)
  • It should be loose, not tight, so it does not describe anything (sip, banned so lemper niy means!)
  • Not unscented or fragrance (aye-aye, powder Deo)
  • No resembles laki2 (emang eike bambang)
  • Not to resemble women's clothing pagan (yes)
  • Not clothes popularity (not hijab temporary fame time Ramadhan)

6. Wow ... tough tho ga criteria? Gampanglah. Right from the beginning of his intention to use the hijab ... so all aje, as determined makenya Al Quran and As Sunnah.

Well May cyst, "The world is jewelry, jewelry and the best of the world are women sholehah" (Al Hadith)

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